Frequently Asked Questions

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Here we have a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you get stuck and you think of something we have not covered then give us a call on 07583120120 or visit our Facebook page to send us a message.

Hot Tub Hire FAQ

What size area do i need for a hot tub?  You need an approximate area of 2.5 x 2.5 meters. We can and do on occasion install them in a smaller area. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

How Do I Book? You can contact us on Facebook or send us a message on our contact page HERE alternatively call us on 07583120120.

Does it include a gazebo? Gazebo’s are optional extra’s, these are free of charge if you like and share our Facebook page. Please note these must be requested at point of booking.

How Do they Work? We deliver and fully install your hot tub as well as give you a full demonstration, we also supply you with a fully comprehensive user guide and all the equipment necessary to operate the hot tub.

Do i fill with hot or cold water? We recommend filling the hot tub with hot water and the heater will then keep it hot for the duration of your hire. Economically this is better for you as the heater does not have to work as hard to heat the water, however if you prefer to fill with cold water that is fine. The hot tub will take between 24 and 30 hours to heat depending on weather conditions. (please note cold water fill is not available for 1 or 2 night hires due to the time taken to heat the water.)

Are they suitable for children? Yes they are, we have children ourselves and they both love them (we have a 2 year old and an 11 year old) however it goes without saying they must be supervised at all times. The temperature on the hot tubs can also be adjusted to suit individuals.

Why do i have to pay a damage deposit? We take a damage deposit for two reasons. One is to limit the financial impact on you and us in case of accidental breakage of any of the components. Hot Tubs are expensive items and spare parts are scarce and often cost more than the £50 damage deposit. If however hot tub’s are damaged beyond repair we will charge you the full cost of a replacement minus the initial damage deposit. The second reason is to deter malicious damage, rather like when you give a hire car company your credit card details.

Disco Hire FAQ

How Do I Book? You can call us on 07583120120, send us a message on Facebook or send us a message using our contact page by clicking HERE

What do you offer? You can find a list of all of our packages and prices by clicking HERE or visiting us on Facebook. We cater for all age groups and have a massive variety of music, as well as great lighting and quality rich sounding speakers.

Do you take charity requests? Yes we do. At the beginning of every year we identify a charity that is close to our heart and offer free giveaways, raffle prizes and promote these on our Facebook Page. We try to do as much as we can to support the local community, please do not be offended if we cannot support your charity.

Do you offer Karaoke? At the moment the answer is no. We used to offer this service but were unable to continue due to low demand and the ever increasing cost of the licenses we needed to pay to be able to offer it legally.

What is the latest you will work? We will work as long as you have requested up until 2am.

Photo Booth Hire FAQ

How do i book? Just like our other products and services you can call us on 07583120120, contact us via our Facebook page or send us a message using our contact page by clicking HERE

What are your photographs like? We will be gradually adding images to our gallery on this website but in the mean time you can visit our Facebook page to see a collection of our best and latest images.

What do you need at the venue? We need a large table or two small tables for our props, we need access to an electrical outlet within 2 meters of where you would like the booth situating, we cannot be near a fire exit or access points to the venue.

What props do you have? We have a selection of props which we add to on an almost weekly basis, these range from silly masks and hats, to signs and wigs. If there is something specific that you would like then call us on 07583120120 at least a fortnight before your event to allow us to source them.

How do i get my photos? We are a little different from other companies offering this service, we take the images away with us and edit them, removing any red eye, blurriness and them unflattering photos. We also crop out any parts of the photo that should not be there. When we are finished doing this we will then send them to you on a USB stick for you to distribute and print at your own leisure.

What camera do you use? We use a state of the art Canon DSLR camera. The photographs that can be taken on these are of an exemplary quality that cannot be replicated with a smartphone camera or your normal run of the mill digital camera. The images can be blown up to pretty much any size without loss of quality.